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Bare - Liner Surveys


The fastest survey method in terms of coverage and time is the bare-geomembrane water puddle survey.   BLD uses a custom-made squeegee system with sprayers that rolls along the surface of the exposed liner to detect leaks. The 3-feet or 6-feet squeegee system must be connected to a portable water source such as a water truck.  When a leak is encountered, the water sprayed from the squeegee connects to earth ground.  This signal is identified by a leak detector box and converted to an audible alert tone.  Once a leak has been confirmed, it is referenced with a marking distance on the panel identification number.  The bare-geomembrane water puddle survey does not work on the primary geomembrane of double-lined systems (only secondary geomembrane), during rainfall, when the liner is wet, when wrinkles are present, or when the liner temperature is below freezing.


      A 6-foot puddle probe is used to survey on the bare-geomembrane of a cell