Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Project RMGC (Wading)


Client required BLD to survey a cell using the wading method.  The 3-acre cell was constructed with a double-lined HDPE geomembrane system.  A total of 31 leaks were found ranging from needle hole punctures to faulty welds on the liner.


Pond partially filled with water to begin survey.


Pond emptied in order to locate leak.


Potential leak area detected while conducting survey.

Our Results:

BLD's primary objective is to find any discontinuity in the geomembrane to prevent any leakage. Our results provide our clients with a visual conformation that our services are accurate and effective. These leaks can be created from either the manufacturing process or other physical phenomena.


Needle hole in the geomembrane caused by a unknown phenomena.


Linear cut in the geomembrane discovered by BLD's probe during survey.


Client proceeds to fix leaks found after completion of survey.