Featured Projects

Featured Projects

Project CICL (Soil)


Client required BLD to survey an area of approximately 23 acres using the soil-covered survey method.  The cell was constructed from the bottom up with a prepared subgrade surface, geosynthetic clay liner (GCL), a secondary 1.5 mm HDPE geomembrane, a layer of sand, geofabric liner, approximately 35 cm of compacted clay material, primary 2.0 mm HDPE geomembrane, and approximately 50 cm of protective clay topsoil.



Our grid system is constructed to effectively locate and pinpoint leaks.

All of our surveys begin and end with a calibration to make sure our equipment is receiving accurate data.

Moisture is a key element in finding a leak.

The actual survey in progress.

Our Results:

BLD's primary objective is to find any discontinuity in the geomembrane to prevent any leakage. Our results provide our clients with a visual conformation that our services are accurate and effective. These leaks can be created from either the manufacturing process or other physical phenomena. 


Rounded puncture in the geomembrane created from a stick of bamboo. 

Irregular cut in the geomembrane created from a unknown source.

IMG 0105.JPG

A broken piece of bamboo jammed into the geomembrane.

IMG 0103.JPG

Linear cut in the geomembrane created by a unknown source.